10-weirdest-cannibalistic-animals 03:43

10 Weirdest Cannibalistic Animals

6 days ago     408 Views    
do-fidget-spinners-actually-work 04:29

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Work?

2 weeks ago     1,492 Views    
will-a-robot-take-your-job 03:18

Will A Robot Take Your Job?

1 month ago     88 Views    
beer-vs-liquor 03:52

Beer vs. Liquor

1 month ago     268 Views    
humans-are-weird 04:45

Humans Are WEIRD!

1 month ago     162 Views    
why-do-you-get-the-munchies 04:06

Why Do You Get The Munchies?

2 months ago     77,271 Views    
the-most-biologically-intense-place-on-earth-costa-rica-adventure-vlog-35 11:27

The Most Biologically INTENSE Place On Earth?...

2 months ago     189 Views    
the-most-biologically-intense-place-on-earth-costa-rica-adventure-vlog-35 11:27

The Most Biologically INTENSE Place on Earth?...

2 months ago     106 Views    
being-a-woman 07:11

Being A Woman

2 months ago     36,531 Views    
working-from-home-vs-the-office 04:39

Working From Home vs The Office

3 months ago     74,603 Views    
a-brief-history-on-the-fear-of-immigrants 04:52

A Brief History On The Fear of Immigrants

3 months ago     27,818 Views    
how-to-survive-a-nuclear-war 03:39

How To Survive a Nuclear War

3 months ago     59,221 Views    
this-is-why-you-should-never-stop-protesting 03:44

This Is Why You Should Never Stop Protesting!

4 months ago     93,056 Views    
clean-vs-dirty 06:56

Clean vs Dirty

4 months ago     76,433 Views    
early-birds-vs-night-owls 04:30

Early Birds vs. Night Owls

4 months ago     28,855 Views    
dear-lazy-people 03:16

Dear Lazy People

4 months ago     123,883 Views    
did-facebook-elect-trump 06:01

Did Facebook Elect Trump?

4 months ago     17,176 Views    
how-to-be-happy-during-the-holidays-vlog-34 05:37

How To BE HAPPY During The Holidays (Vlog #34)

5 months ago     20,760 Views    
filming-with-every-youtuber-vlog-33 07:39

Filming with Every YouTuber! (Vlog #33)

5 months ago     27,282 Views    
7-gifts-for-science-lovers 02:36

7 Gifts For Science Lovers

5 months ago     47,544 Views    


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