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this-is-how-we-know-earth-isn-t-flat 03:53

This Is How We Know Earth Isn't Flat

2 days ago     261 Views    
why-do-you-see-a-bright-light-during-near-death-experiences 03:38

Why Do You See A Bright Light During Near Dea...

6 days ago     191 Views    
can-you-survive-with-another-person-s-heart 03:16

Can You Survive With Another Person's Heart?

1 week ago     1,748 Views    
just-how-important-is-the-first-year-of-your-life 03:18

Just How Important Is The First Year Of Your ...

4 weeks ago     1,721 Views    
should-we-let-robots-take-our-jobs 03:32

Should We Let Robots Take Our Jobs?

1 month ago     324,502 Views    
how-dangerous-would-a-supervolcano-eruption-be 04:28

How Dangerous Would A Supervolcano Eruption Be?

1 month ago     1,964 Views    
what-really-happens-to-your-body-when-you-re-electrocuted 03:31

What Really Happens To Your Body When You're ...

1 month ago     475,980 Views    
what-if-you-re-born-without-sympathy-empathy 03:34

What If You're Born Without Sympathy & Empathy?

1 month ago     782,000 Views    
what-if-earth-ran-out-of-water-and-food 03:47

What If Earth Ran Out Of Water And Food?

1 month ago     2,176 Views    
how-much-sleep-do-you-really-need 03:13

How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?

2 months ago     1,088,135 Views    
everything-you-know-about-dinosaurs-is-wrong 03:26

Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

2 months ago     121,312 Views    
do-you-really-need-to-have-friends 03:27

Do You Really Need To Have Friends?

3 months ago     112,428 Views    
how-does-a-planet-die 04:23

How Does A Planet Die?

3 months ago     161,719 Views    
the-life-threatening-effects-of-football-on-the-body 03:53

The Life-Threatening Effects Of Football On T...

3 months ago     144,042 Views    
what-happens-if-all-the-coral-dies 03:33

What Happens If All The Coral Dies?

4 months ago     164,146 Views    
is-there-science-behind-video-games-play-noggin-returns 00:55

Is There Science Behind Video Games? Play Nog...

4 months ago     34,888 Views    
what-really-happens-to-your-body-when-you-drown 03:11

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Drown?

4 months ago     184,339 Views    
can-freezing-your-body-make-you-live-forever 03:23

Can Freezing Your Body Make You Live Forever?

4 months ago     113,588 Views    
how-different-are-you-from-ancient-humans 03:24

How Different Are You From Ancient Humans?

4 months ago     179,887 Views    
why-can-t-humans-regrow-body-parts 03:35

Why Can't Humans Regrow Body Parts?

5 months ago     194,109 Views    


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