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view-slide-pride 00:54

View Slide Pride!

2 days ago     59 Views    
view-this-friends-make-you-gain-weight-the-view 00:42

View This! Friends Make You Gain Weight? | Th...

2 days ago     26 Views    
dr-ian-smith-on-how-to-lose-weight-lower-blood-sugar-more-the-view 05:31

Dr. Ian Smith On How To Lose Weight, Lower Bl...

2 days ago     76 Views    
salma-hayek-eugenio-derbez-on-trump-s-wall-sexy-spanish-translations-the-view 08:00

Salma Hayek, Eugenio Derbez on Trump's Wall, ...

2 days ago     81 Views    
los-angeles-riots-remembered-in-abc-doc-let-it-fall-the-view 02:55

Los Angeles Riots Remembered In ABC Doc 'Let ...

2 days ago     93 Views    
sex-coach-who-observes-your-lovemaking-the-view 04:29

Sex Coach Who Observes Your Lovemaking? | The...

2 days ago     58 Views    
how-do-you-ward-off-unwanted-attention-the-view 01:53

How Do You Ward Off Unwanted Attention? | The...

2 days ago     72 Views    
pres-trump-thought-job-would-be-easier-the-view 03:35

Pres. Trump: Thought Job Would Be Easier | Th...

2 days ago     68,431 Views    
facebook-s-sheryl-sandberg-on-coping-with-death-of-her-husband-the-view 08:35

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg On Coping With Dea...

3 days ago     82 Views    
jesse-watters-controversial-comment-on-ivanka-trump-the-view 03:22

Jesse Watters' Controversial Comment On Ivank...

3 days ago     72 Views    
pres-trump-reviewing-national-monuments-the-view 04:11

Pres. Trump "Reviewing" National Monuments | ...

3 days ago     68 Views    
who-does-pres-trump-s-tax-plan-benefit-the-view 05:22

Who Does Pres. Trump's Tax Plan Benefit? | Th...

3 days ago     98 Views    
federal-judge-blocks-part-of-pres-trump-s-sanctuary-cities-order-the-view 08:22

Federal judge blocks part of Pres. Trump’s sa...

4 days ago     100 Views    
who-will-fund-pres-trump-s-boarder-wall-the-view 03:02

Who Will Fund Pres. Trump's Boarder Wall? | T...

4 days ago     37 Views    
what-s-the-solution-to-illegal-immigration-problem-the-view 05:01

What's The Solution To Illegal Immigration Pr...

4 days ago     68 Views    
caitlyn-jenner-on-kardashian-family-relationship-with-kris-the-view 06:35

Caitlyn Jenner On Kardashian Family, Relation...

4 days ago     90 Views    
caitlyn-jenner-on-voting-for-trump-lgbt-rights-more-the-view 07:51

Caitlyn Jenner On Voting For Trump, LGBT Righ...

4 days ago     116 Views    
kelly-osbourne-on-struggle-with-addiction-lyme-disease-family-more-the-view 07:34

Kelly Osbourne On Struggle With Addiction, Ly...

5 days ago     50 Views    
john-kasich-on-pres-trump-s-first-100-days-who-s-to-blame-for-division-in-america-the-view 09:14

John Kasich on Pres. Trump's First 100 Days, ...

5 days ago     84 Views    
why-do-women-fake-orgasms-the-view 03:34

Why Do Women Fake Orgasms? | The View

5 days ago     63 Views    


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