Philly D

buzzfeed-ruined-my-donut-shop 08:22

Buzzfeed Ruined My Donut Shop...

3 days ago     70,281 Views    
phil-defranco-caught-stealing 06:41

Phil DeFranco caught STEALING!

1 week ago     235,519 Views    
well-that-was-creepy 11:20

Well that was creepy...

1 week ago     215,355 Views    
what-did-i-just-walk-into 10:27

What did I just walk into...

1 week ago     188,841 Views    
it-s-all-starting-to-make-sense 10:18

It's all starting to make sense...

2 weeks ago     169,825 Views    
what-now 09:53

What now?!

2 weeks ago     231,213 Views    
annnnd-i-lost-my-mind 06:00

Annnnd I lost my mind...

1 month ago     94,755 Views    
oh-no-not-again 06:26

Oh no... not again...

1 month ago     78,732 Views    
it-just-doesn-t-make-sense 10:30

It just doesn't make sense...

1 month ago     244,843 Views    
it-s-going-to-be-fine-i-think-i-hope 08:14

It's going to be fine...I think...I hope...

1 month ago     333,761 Views    
the-gang-goes-homeless 05:25

The Gang Goes Homeless

1 month ago     299,553 Views    
exciting-changes 09:31

Exciting changes...

1 month ago     242,106 Views    
i-m-losing-my-mind 08:42

I'm losing my mind...

1 month ago     269,429 Views    
i-don-t-know-what-to-call-this-one 06:48

I don't know what to call this one

2 months ago     74,111 Views    
get-out-well-no-don-t-but-like-ok-just-watch 06:40

GET OUT! Well no don't but like ok just watch

2 months ago     91,897 Views    
i-abandoned-my-game-plan-ugh 08:52

I abandoned my game plan! ugh...

2 months ago     129,046 Views    
no-one-trusts-me-anymore-i-get-it-though 10:36

No one trusts me anymore...I get it though.

3 months ago     130,039 Views    
the-cuteness-sickens-me 06:48

The cuteness sickens me!

3 months ago     126,587 Views    
making-them-fight-it-out 11:04

Making them fight it out

3 months ago     139,912 Views    
who-the-hell-cares-about-valentine-s-day 08:18

Who the hell cares about Valentine’s Day??

3 months ago     130,071 Views    


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