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curious-cockatoo-greets-people-with-french-accent 00:58

Curious cockatoo greets people with French ac...

33 minutes ago     9 Views    
squirrel-almost-hit-by-car-chased-by-crow-cat-in-under-a-minute 01:02

Squirrel almost hit by car, chased by crow & ...

54 minutes ago     26 Views    
labradoodle-just-loves-his-morning-massages 00:44

Labradoodle just loves his morning massages

1 hour ago     16 Views    
dachshund-takes-horse-for-a-stroll 00:30

Dachshund takes horse for a stroll

1 hour ago     26 Views    
husky-puppy-refuses-to-be-scolded-by-owner 00:55

Husky puppy refuses to be scolded by owner

1 hour ago     38 Views    
german-shepherd-mom-lovingly-feeds-her-pups 01:27

German Shepherd mom lovingly feeds her pups

1 hour ago     18 Views    
dog-owner-gets-pup-s-attention-with-one-specific-word 00:30

Dog owner gets pup's attention with one speci...

1 hour ago     22 Views    
how-to-exercise-your-dogs-using-a-car 01:21

How to exercise your dogs using a car

1 hour ago     11 Views    
4-year-old-drills-10-yard-field-goal 00:36

4-year-old drills 10 yard field goal

14 hours ago     40 Views    
this-funny-cat-compilation-is-guaranteed-to-make-you-smile 01:11

This Funny Cat Compilation Is Guaranteed To M...

1 day ago     0 Views    
great-white-sharks-circle-divers-at-guadalupe-island 01:26

Great White Sharks circle divers at Guadalupe...

1 day ago     5 Views    
great-dane-makes-it-impossible-to-make-the-bed 03:15

Great Dane makes it impossible to make the bed

1 day ago     11 Views    
cat-shamelessly-knocks-over-light-bulbs-feels-no-remorse 00:19

Cat shamelessly knocks over light bulbs, feel...

1 day ago     7 Views    
dog-uses-sunroof-to-enjoy-car-ride 01:38

Dog uses sunroof to enjoy car ride

1 day ago     0 Views    
lazy-dog-refuses-to-walk-has-to-be-dragged-on-leash 00:30

Lazy dog refuses to walk, has to be dragged o...

1 day ago     3 Views    
game-of-fetch-with-newfoundland-comes-to-abrupt-end 00:40

Game of fetch with Newfoundland comes to abru...

1 day ago     0 Views    
this-amazing-compilation-features-the-best-of-funny-dogs 01:18

This Amazing Compilation Features The Best Of...

1 day ago     3 Views    
dog-jumps-into-ball-pit-in-epic-slow-motion 00:21

Dog jumps into ball pit in epic slow motion

1 day ago     4 Views    
three-legged-dog-loves-his-tiny-humans 01:09

Three legged dog loves his tiny humans

1 day ago     15 Views    
puppy-absolutely-captivated-by-robot-worm 01:23

Puppy absolutely captivated by robot worm

1 day ago     2 Views    


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