Julien Solomita

this-is-so-special-to-me 08:06

this is so special to me

2 days ago     38 Views    
we-taught-peach-to-jump-perch-on-our-feet 10:07

we taught peach to jump & perch on our feet

4 days ago     47,199 Views    
forgetting-the-only-thing-we-needed 11:45

forgetting the only thing we needed

5 days ago     473 Views    
how-the-dogs-are-dealing-with-our-hamster 08:51

how the dogs are dealing with our hamster

1 week ago     350,043 Views    
we-got-a-hamster-and-named-him-ad 06:41

we got a hamster and named him #ad

1 week ago     4,301 Views    
a-special-birthday 06:37

a special birthday

1 week ago     31,752 Views    
peach-after-the-dentist 07:30

peach after the dentist

2 weeks ago     2,064 Views    
vet-tomorrow-spoiled-today 06:45

vet tomorrow, spoiled today

2 weeks ago     106,914 Views    
the-surprise-made-her-cry 10:20

the surprise made her cry

2 weeks ago     112,397 Views    
our-new-eating-show 13:03

our new eating show

3 weeks ago     277,449 Views    
scanning-my-dog-with-this-weird-machine 11:08

scanning my dog with this weird machine

3 weeks ago     1,300 Views    
my-cotton-candy-pink-hair 07:17

my cotton candy pink hair

3 weeks ago     85,489 Views    
3-car-chases-happened-in-our-neighborhood 07:02

3 car chases happened in our neighborhood

1 month ago     85,170 Views    
he-really-needed-me 08:17

he really needed me

1 month ago     204,699 Views    
a-secret-premier 07:48

a secret premier

1 month ago     1,055 Views    
car-dancing 08:51

car dancing

1 month ago     1,177 Views    
we-went-to-a-town-of-1200-people 12:16

we went to a town of 1200 people

1 month ago     91,445 Views    
it-got-hot-then-our-a-c-broke 08:16

it got hot, then our a/c broke

1 month ago     996 Views    
we-re-gonna-need-more-darts 08:08

we're gonna need more darts

1 month ago     92,898 Views    
how-we-do-sxsw 11:28

how we do sxsw

1 month ago     53,457 Views    


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